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Thank you for taking the time to look at our site and consider being a working member of our crew.

American Sunset is Westport’s largest privately owned campground, with the highest rating in the area, open 362 days a year. We have 47 acres with six acres for RVs and six acres for tenting. A quick look at our maps will show you the layout. Workcampers The tent area is primitive forest and the RV sites are full amenities. We have three bathrooms from small to large and a mid-sized swimming pool. The pool and its associated bathroom are seasonal for the summer only. 20/30/50 amps are at each site, as well as WiFi and 21 channels of Dish satellite TV. Hardwired telephone hookups are at 60 sites. We employ six – eight sets of Workampers in summer and three – five winter seasons.

During our low season (winter is ~mid-September to mid-April), we catch up on things that could be put on the back burner until summer drew to a close. Some of those things are painting and repairing picnic tables, spreading grass seed and fertilizer, trimming trees, bundling firewood, touching up the interiors of buildings, and what ever else someone has noticed that needs some TLC.

The office is open from 9a.m. to about 11 p.m. from May through September, having two or three shifts, and from 10a.m. to 6p.m October through April, having one shift, with the owners or managers doing the closings. Our WorkcampersEach couple works the same shift and days, two consecutive days per week, six hours of each day, typically in three hour segments, having one hour off for lunch, with the ladies in the office and the gents in the shops and on the grounds. The ladies operate the reservation system, sweep & dust our little camp store, help arrange goods in the store, answer the phone, greet and check-in our incoming guests and answer their questions. Routine duties for the gents are (as needed) empty trash cans, sweep and mop the restrooms, pump propane, bundle and deliver firewood, mow lawns, wipe down laundry machines and floor, and read electric meters.

You will be compensated with an RV site and full utilities including propane for a 2 day shift. You also get a 10% discount in our store. Compensation for a three day per week shift includes all of the above plus $500 additional per month. If we have five or more couples, we will set up a rotating schedule that lets you have a large group of days off. This helps folks to experience Washington, visit with relatives, take a cruise ship, or do whatever else you can think of. There is always the possibility of extending your assignment if you really liked your stay with us. Let us know if this sounds like a place you’d like to experience.

Please send or e-mail a resume and photo of yourselves in front of your rig with your pets and call us if you have questions. We prefer non-smokers. Interviews are by telephone and we certainly look forward to hearing from you.

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About The Westport Area

Here in Westport (population 2450), we have mild summers ranging from 50 degrees at night to 75 degrees during the day. We have the cleanest air in the country thanks to the Olympic Peninsula. Summer is balmy with occasional rain or misty marine layers. Elk herds roam the grass islands and daily tides bring in seashells, sand dollars, and driftwood. There are numerous summer events for entertainment and our marina has a very active sports and commercial fishing fleet. The marina has a variety of restaurants and shops, and 21 public docks where you can catch Dungeness crabs and perch. Several beach locations are accessible clamming (razor, steamer, cockles). Sport fishing for bottom fish, salmon, and tuna are available through the charter offices at the marina.

Our winters are somewhat mild with some wind & rain and temperatures range from 40 degrees at night to 55 degrees during the day.Our Workkampers Off Duty Clouds insulate us and rain refreshes our air and forests. There are several winter events to participate in, especially in December. See the event calendar for more details.

For the exercise minded, we have hiking trails, biking trails, tennis courts, and a fabulous YMCA in Aberdeen with a wave pool and pipeline slides. We have no traffic jams, only one stoplight in the whole town, a laid back coastal atmosphere, theaters and shopping close by, local doctors and dentist, and a large modern hospital in Aberdeen. There’s something for everyone here on the Coast.

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